Serious questions need to be answered after terrorist charges against Kevin Barry Murphy are dropped – Elliott

Ulster Unionist Party Justice spokesperson, Tom Elliott MLA says there are serious questions to be answered by the Director of the Public Prosecution Service following his decision to drop charges relating to terrorist offences against Kevin Barry Murphy.


The Fermanagh & South Tyrone MLA said:


“News that charges which related to terrorist offences against Kevin Barry Murphy have been dropped has been a cause for concern for many people in Tyrone and indeed throughout Northern Ireland.  Given the seriousness of the charges that Mr Murphy faced, added to the fact that the police have previously claimed he was a senior member of the Real IRA in east Tyrone, I share these concerns.’


“I wrote to the Director of the Public Prosecution Service last week, immediately following this revelation to detail my concerns and to ask that he outline the reasons behind the charges against Mr Murphy being dropped.  I know from my time as a public representative for Fermanagh & South Tyrone that this news will have a real effect on many in the area.’


“I hope that Barra McGrory can shed some light on this matter, as I believe it is detrimental to the public confidence in the Public Prosecution Service.’


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