Kinahan condemns CCMS attempt at censorship

Danny Kinahan MLA, Ulster Unionist Education spokesperson has condemned a CCMS letter sent to Principals of Maintained Schools instructing them not to reply to his survey on the ESA bill and challenges CCMS to explain their opposition to consultation.

Danny said, “The fact that the Minister of Education, John O`Dowd will not be consulting teachers, school staff or parents over ESA (the Education Bill) or any other aspects of change being forced on our education establishments shows a total lack of respect for their thoughts and opinions.

The letter from CCMS to Chairs of Boards of Governors and Principals of Catholic maintained schools is another example of those at the top refusing to allow people to express their opinions. We in the Ulster Unionist Party will continue to oppose the Education Bill because it is not right for teachers, it is not right for parents and most importantly it is not right for our children. Ideally Northern Ireland would not have an education system divided into sectors. The Ulster Unionist Party`s long term vision is for a single shared education system.

Such actions as this polite but firm censoring letter means that we may never know what the principals and chairs of maintained schools actually think of the ESA bill.”

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