Beggs welcomes extension of financial support for thalidomide survivors

Ulster Unionist Party Health spokesperson, Roy Beggs MLA has welcomed news that the financial support for Thalidomide survivors has been extended for a further 10 years.
Mr Beggs said,
“The Ulster Unionist Party has always believed that survivors of thalidomide should be provided with all the necessary resources to meet their needs.  Indeed this is why we were keen for the grant to be retained.’
“Drugs dispensed by our health system should always be safe for consumption, what happened to those affected by Thalidomide is nothing short of a tragedy.  In 2010 Michael McGimpsey, in his role as Minister for Health, took the landmark step of apologising to those affected on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive.  My Party and I will continue to lobby to ensure that the needs of Thalidomide survivors are met.’

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