Ross Hussey condemns cowardly murder attempt on PSNI Officer

Ulster Unionist Policing Board Member, Ross Hussey MLA has expressed his revulsion at a cowardly attack on a PSNI Officer and his Family.

Mr Hussey said,” I am truly thankful that a PSNI Officer and his Family have escaped serious injury or worse. It was due to this individual officer`s professionalism and bravery that a terrorist atrocity has been averted.’

“As events unfolded on Sunday, we saw the evil intention of the cowards who planted a bomb under the PSNI Officer`s car in East Belfast. These republican terrorists not only showed a callous disregard for the sanctity of life in attempting to murder a public servant, but they also showed the depths to which they are prepared to plunge. We could have seen a whole Family wiped out.’

“The terrorists who planted this device offer no hope for the future of Northern Ireland or its people. Instead they are wrapped up in bankrupt dogma. Terrorist campaigns in the past failed to secure a United Ireland and so will this one.’

“My thoughts and prayers are with the PSNI Officer, his Family and colleagues. In the past they have stood against evil and will continue to do so in future. The community needs to get right behind them as they carry out their work.’

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