Kennedy condemns those responsible for planting bomb at Tandragee Police Station

Danny Kennedy, Ulster Unionist MLA for Newry and Armagh has condemned those responsible for planting a bomb outside Tandragee Police Station today.

Mr Kennedy said,"I am disgusted to hear of the bomb being left at Tandragee Police Station. With the New Year only hours away, those cowards responsible for this have nothing to offer the people of Northern Ireland for the future. Whoever they are or whatever cause they profess to follow, cowardly attacks on Police Officers, police stations or local communities will not advance their cause one iota.'

"They have caused a lot of inconvenience to local residents, with disabled people and young and old alike being evacuated from their homes in Ballymore Park and along the Armagh Road. I am thankful for the actions of the Police and the Army Bomb Disposal team in dealing with this alert. We must all be mindful of the work that the security forces continue to do in defence of a democratic society and give them our full support.'

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