Elliott warns of anti-Monarchist sentiments of Leader of Scottish Independence Campaign

Ulster Unionist Assembly member for Fermanagh & South Tyrone Tom Elliott has responded to recent comments by Dennis Canavan (Leader of Scottish Independence campaign) who stated that the new born Prince George of Cambridge should never become King of Scotland.

Mr Elliott, a strong advocate for retaining the United Kingdom as a unified entity, described the comments as running contrary to the stated policy of the SNP and the wishes of the vast majority of Scottish people.

Tom said; "I visit Scotland frequently and I am impressed by the overwhelming support which the Royal family have from the great majority of Scottish people. The views of Mr Canavan seem to be at variance with all the political parties in Scotland, even the SNP which backs the continuation of the monarchy as the head of state of an independent Scotland.

The planned referendum is just over a year away in September 2014 and I believe the people of Scotland need to be acutely aware of the implications of an Independent Scotland.

The SNP government has received legal advice on Scotland’s membership of the EU, but has refused to disclose that advice. Other key issues which must be addressed and on which clarity and certainty must be established, include whether or not the public will have their own Scottish passports, whether Scotland will adopt the euro as its currency, the future of the Trident nuclear programme and military bases. The pro-independence campaign has failed to answer many of these crucial issues and I am confident that the vast majority of the Scottish people will vote to remain within the United Kingdom.

The whole of the United Kingdom and indeed many countries throughout the world were overjoyed by the birth of the Royal baby boy last week. Following on from the huge success of the Queen’s Jubilee, this has helped prompt an even greater resurgence of interest in and support for the Monarchy.

It is quite clear to me that the high esteem in which the Royal Family is held by the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom and indeed throughout the world is shared by the people of Scotland. I simply do not believe that the views expressed by Dennis Canavan represent the Scottish people.”

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