Sinn Fein cannot justify the unjustifiable – Ross Hussey

Ross Hussey MLA, Ulster Unionist Party Assembly member for West Tyrone, has said that Sinn Fein`s latest manoeuvre in re-routing an IRA commemoration parade is the party trying to justify the unjustifiable.

Mr Hussey said;

"There is no justification for the glorification of terrorism and that is what Sinn Fein are trying to do in holding an IRA commemoration parade in Castlederg. They are trying to parade over the memories of IRA victims.

"This situation has been choreographed by Sinn Fein and their proposal to re-route the IRA commemoration parade is part of that choreography. Sinn Fein knew right from the start that this parade would cause offence to the victims of IRA terrorism and the wider community.

"It is simply impossible for Sinn Fein to justify the unjustifiable. It is repugnant to hold a parade to celebrate the actions of terrorists and calls into question Sinn Fein`s commitment to 'reconciliation'."

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