Gerry Kelly`s comments are a kick in the teeth for the prospects of reconciliation - Nesbitt

Mike Nesbitt MLA, the Ulster Unionist Party Leader, has stated that Gerry Kelly`s latest comments are a kick in the teeth for reconciliation.

Mr Nesbitt said:

"Gerry Kelly`s comments are a kick in the teeth for the prospects of reconciliation. He expressed not a morsel of regret for what happened. His words are the perfect illustration of why we cannot trust republicans to tell the truth. They will only discuss what they want to discuss. They will only reveal what they want to reveal. A partial truth is no truth. It is purely propaganda. Gerry Kelly refused to say what happened, rather he told us what he wanted us to believe happened.

"As long as he continues to eulogise the terrorist crimes of past years, he gives succour to today`s republican terrorists who continue to attempt to murder police officers, prison officers, army personnel and other civilians.

"Instead of eulogising terrorism Gerry Kelly should apologise to the prison officer shot in the head at the Maze and others who died and were injured in his bombing of the Old Bailey. For his victims, his book isn`t 'a great yarn', but instead a nightmare relived. He can write as many books as he likes, but he won`t rewrite history.

"I don`t know whether it is deliberate or not, but by Gerry Kelly celebrating intimidation, terror and murder, he is retraumatising many families. If Sinn Fein are serious about reconciliation they should take responsibility and consider the IRA`s thousands of victims."

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