Kinahan disgusted at Downey homecoming party

Ulster Unionist Party MLA for South Antrim Danny Kinahan has commented on the news that Sinn  Fein are planning a home coming event this weekend in Donegal for the suspect in the murders of  four Household Calvary  soldiers who died in an IRA bomb in London in July 1982. Mr. Kinahan was best man for one of the victims, a month before the terrorist bomb attack in Hyde Park.

Danny Kinahan MLA said:

“I am appalled. My reaction to these reports of a homecoming party is one of utter disgust.  Sinn Fein really is rubbing salt into the emotional wounds of the family and friends of those who died on that terrible day in 1982.  This man should be on trial in a court of law, not living it up in a pub in Donegal.  This is almost literally dancing on the graves of those who were blown apart, whilst on ceremonial duties. 

“It is in incredibly bad taste and brings shame on those who are organising the event.  I really feel these people are demonstrating the worst kind of ‘who cares and so what?’ attitude, so often typical of Sinn Fein.”

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