Enough is enough – Sinn Fein risked all for the benefit of 200 unnamed people who ran away - Nesbitt

Ulster Unionist Party Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA has stated that enough is enough and that Sinn Fein have risked all for the benefit of 200 unnamed people who ran away.

Mr Nesbitt said:

“As George Orwell might have put it ‘All citizens are subject to the law, but some citizens are less accountable than others.’ So it is with the so-called Administrative Scheme for On The Runs (OTRs).

“It is a perversion of justice that we have a scheme where the police effectively respond to an enquiry regarding evidence relating to a murder, not from a loved one, but from the murderer! This week`s events have been compounded by John Downey, not trying to clear his name, but instead going partying. 

“The letters have to go; it is that simple. No letters, no scheme, no comfort beyond knowledge that the justice system awaits the guilty. 

“This Party warned in 2010 that the time was not right to devolve policing and justice powers, but others attending the Hillsborough Talks were too interested in amassing power. As a result, the National Crime Agency (NCA) does not operate fully in Northern Ireland (All citizens enjoy the protection of the NCA, but some citizens less than others). 

“Now we find the devolved Minister of Justice confesses he is "baffled" when questioned about what is happening. 

“Sinn Fein sat through Hillsborough, Haass and now the Party Leaders, failing to disclose their knowledge of the letters. That is bad faith. The Ulster Unionist Party has withdrawn from the Party Leaders Talks. 

“We helped establish the Northern Ireland Assembly to create a peaceful prosperous future for 1.8 million people. Sinn Fein are prepared to risk all for the benefit of 200 unnamed people, all concerned enough about their actions that they ran away. 

“We took risks for peace. Others just take. Enough is enough. A DUP MLA tweeted that the introduction of a judge-led inquiry was "a victory for victims". It is not. We must take that message to the people and stand strong. Put simply, let us Do What's Right for Northern Ireland.”

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