Ulster Unionists welcome major investment in 79 new buses

Ross Hussey, Ulster Unionist Regional Development spokesperson, has welcomed an announcement that over £14million investment has been secured for 79 new buses.  

£5.2million of European investment has been secured towards the £14.2million which was needed to meet the cost of the 79 news buses.  The investment will go towards the purchase of 42 Metro double deck buses, ten Metro single deck buses and 27 midi buses (2 Metros and 25 Ulsterbuses). Many of the new vehicles will arrive in the Summer with the remainder arriving in the Autumn.  

Mr Hussey said: 

“Announcements like this make public transport an increasingly viable option in the minds of the public.  The idea of a modern bus fleet across Northern Ireland will provide people with greater choice in how they make their daily commute or travel for shopping or socialising.’ 

“My Party colleague, Transport Minister Danny Kennedy, continues to make strides in making public transport more accessible and attractive.  This is also a great use of European Investment to improve our infrastructure.’ 

“This contract will also see a boost for the local economy with Wrightbus being awarded parts of the contract to supply the buses.  So the benefits of this investment ripple right across Northern Ireland.’    

North Antrim MLA, Robin Swann added:

“The good news from this announcement is two-fold for North Antrim.  Firstly, this announcement brings with it work for Wrightbus in Ballymena, who have been awarded parts of the contract for the new buses.  This will undoubtedly help maintain local jobs.  Wrightbus have a well-deserved global reputation and are a perfect example of what can be achieved by a local company.

"Secondly, the addition of 79 new buses for the Translink fleet will make the Ulsterbus a much more viable option for people commuting around Northern Ireland, whether it be for work or leisure.


Jim Nicholson MEP said: “I welcome the announcement of this significant investment, especially given that £5.2million of EU finding has been secured to help meet the cost of the new buses.
“Ulster Unionist Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy has been to the fore when it comes to proactively engaging at a European level to help ensure that Northern Ireland utilises the opportunities available within the EU to support projects.”
“This announcement is obviously great news for Wrightbus and the company’s employees with wider positive long-term benefits for Northern Ireland as a whole given the scale of the investment.”







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