Beggs condemns organised crime challenge to rule of law

Roy Beggs MLA, who has condemned the organised criminal gang, named by the Police as the South East Antrim UDA who have attacked individuals, homes and the Police themselves in Larne. Mr Beggs called for significant additional police resources and for information from the community to bring those orchestrating and carrying out these criminal acts to account. 

Roy Beggs said: 

“There have been a number of incidents over recent months in Larne. Last week, with a number of men being arrested, it was hoped that the rule of law was prevailing and that the PPS and the courts would have a role to play in administering British justice. 

“However, with over 50 masked men with weapons appearing in Larne, attacking homes, assaulting individuals and injuring a police officer we have seen that there is a challenge to the rule of Law in the streets of Larne. 

“The South East Antrim UDA are being blamed. This is a challenge to British law and order. Do those who are orchestrating and carrying out these attacks think they are above the law? This is serious, organised crime endangering life. I would call for significant additional police resources to be dedicated to address those who are challenging British law and the justice system. 

“I would also urge the local community to recognise the danger in this challenge to the rule of law and for the community to provide information to the Police either directly, or through the Crime Stoppers Telephone number 0800 555 111”. 

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