Nesbitt challenges Robinson and McGuinness to publish Maze market research

Mike Nesbitt has challenged Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness to publish immediately the information they have been withholding from the public regarding their market research into the proposed peace centre at the site of the old Maze prison.

 On Friday, the Information Commissioner's Office ruled in favour of the Ulster Unionist Party and against OFMDFM who failed to make a compelling argument for denying the public access to the research.

 Ulster Unionist Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA, is now expressing concern that OFMDFM will not release the information ahead of the May 22nd Elections.

He said: "OFMdFM have 35 days to publish or appeal. Clearly, an appeal will kick this down the road to the far side of the Elections, as they have already done with the so-called judge-led review of the OTRs. This would represent further disrespect of the public.

 "Given the Information Commissioner has dismissed OFMdFM 's patronising argument that the public would not understand the research, continuing to withhold the documents will be a further sleight.

"Be in no doubt, this was a landmark decision by the Information Commissioner and it should and must provoke a cultural change in OFMDFM's attitude to openness and transparency.

 "The best first step to reform is to publish this information today."

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