Ulster Unionists table further amendments to Local Government Bill

Ulster Unionist Environment spokesperson, Tom Elliott MLA, will be proposing the following amendments to the Local Government Bill in the Assembly tomorrow:


  • An amendment (number 3) banning co-opted Councillors from retaining their ‘independent’ status on local Policing Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs)


  • Following a previous attempt to put in place a safeguard to protect ratepayers from significant increases in their annual rates due to convergence between Councils (which was narrowly defeated by only one vote), the Ulster Unionist Party has now proposed an amendment (number 22) that the Department reports back in 2 years with an update on the potential increase in rates bills and brings forward a new set of measures to protect households from potential rates hikes.


  • A further amendment ensuring that all decisions which are required to be ‘reconsidered’ have to go back to the full council for a final decision as opposed to remaining at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Council.


Amendments are as follows:


Amendment 3

New Clause

After clause 3 insert -

‘Disqualification of councillors for being independent members of policing and community safety partnerships

3A.¾(1) The Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 is amended as follows.

(2) In Schedule 1, in paragraph 9 (disqualifications) after sub-paragraph (2) insert¾

“(2A) A person is disqualified for being an independent member of a PCSP if that person is a councillor.”.

(3) In Schedule 2, in paragraph 9 (disqualifications), after sub-paragraph (2) insert¾

“(2A) A person is disqualified for being an independent member of a DPCSP if that person is a councillor.”’

Mr Tom Elliott

Mr Danny Kinahan

Amendment 22

Clause 111, Page 63, Line 17

At end insert -

‘(2C) The Department must within two years of the making of an order under paragraph (2A) lay before the Assembly a report on the operation of any transitional rate relief scheme under that paragraph including¾

(a) the Department’s assessment of the likely or actual percentage increase in district rates payable by ratepayers in each affected district as a consequence of the termination of the scheme;and

(b) consideration of possible further mitigating measures.’

Mr Tom Elliott

Mr Danny Kinahan


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