Overend condemns those behind Bellaghy security alert

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Mid-Ulster MLA, Sandra Overend, has condemned those who left a suspect device outside Ballymacombs Orange Hall, Bellaghy, and demanded that those who are intent on disrupting the lives of the vast majority of citizens should get off their backs and instead channel their efforts into democratic debate.

Mrs Overend said;

"I am disgusted to learn that today the Police have had to deal with a suspect device which was left outside Ballymacombs Orange Hall, in the Ballynease Road area of the village of Bellaghy.

“I simply cannot comprehend what goes through the heads of these people.  I unreservedly condemn those responsible, and call on any group or individual who is intent on using terrorism to get off the backs of the vast majority of people in this society who simply want to bring up their families and live their lives in peace with their neighbours.

“If anyone has a political grievance or an alternative viewpoint, they should pursue it through the democratic process and seek support from the electorate to bring about change. Violence or the threat of violence, is not the answer.

“I would commend the actions of the PSNI and the Army who have closed off the area and are dealing with the suspect device, and would appeal to anyone with any information to please pass it on to the Police immediately."

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