Swann supports flexible parental leave as Work and Families Bill is implemented

Ulster Unionist MLA for North Antrim Robin Swann has restated his support for new parental leave rights which are due to come into effect in Northern Ireland.

 Robin Swann MLA said:

 “The Employment and Learning Committee, which I Chair at Stormont, scrutinised in detail each part of the Work and Families Bill to ensure fairness and equality for employers and employees alike.  The Bill which will allow parents the ability to manage their parental and work priorities with flexibility comes into force for children born or placed for adoption from this Sunday 5 April.

 “I appreciate that it is important in this time of continuing economic challenge that the burden of red tape for companies must be kept to a minimum.  However these changes, which give fathers more rights without mothers losing theirs, mirror what is happening in the rest of the United Kingdom.  As a Unionist I am happy that Northern Ireland residents are going to maintain parity with our fellow British citizens in the rest of the UK.”

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