Ulster Unionists endorse ‘Investing in Northern Ireland’ campaign at Heathrow

Ulster Unionist Leader Mike Nesbitt and South Antrim MP Danny Kinahan have given their backing to an advertising campaign at Heathrow Airport featuring Northern Ireland, which is aimed at showcasing Northern Ireland as a place that is open for business and a great place in which to live, work and invest.  

 Mr Nesbitt said;

“Heathrow is the National hub airport of the United Kingdom and maintaining a direct air-link with it is vital to Northern Ireland plc, not least due to the 700,000 passengers who travel annually on the Belfast City to Heathrow route, but also the route’s status as Heathrow’s busiest for domestic cargo, with over 270,000 kg of high value Northern Irish exports travelling through Heathrow on their way to clients around the world.

“It is my pleasure to lend my support to this Heathrow campaign promoting Northern Ireland and growing our tourism, leisure and business sectors.”

Mr Kinahan said;

“The Belfast to Heathrow air-link is crucial to the well-being of Northern Ireland. My Party colleague Lord Empey has been at the forefront of attempts to secure legislative protection for  key domestic air-routes and the precious Heathrow landing slots.

“As a newly elected MP I have naturally found myself flying back and forward to Westminster, and have witnessed at first hand the importance and convenience of Heathrow for business travellers. I am therefore delighted to join my Party Leader Mike Nesbitt in giving my full support to this campaign to promote Northern Ireland at our National hub airport.”

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