Public will have high expectations for Joint Agency Task Force – Tom Elliott MP

Tom Elliott MP has said the Joint Agency Task Force to tackle cross-border organised crime must demonstrate a determination to finally rid society of paramilitaries and their crime rings. 

The Fermanagh & South Tyrone MP said: 

“The Ulster Unionist Party forced the issue of dealing with paramilitarism and associated organised crime to the top of the agenda at the most recent talks at Stormont House. 

“Representing a border constituency I was keen to see a renewed and intensified focus on tackling cross-border crime such as fuel laundering and cigarette smuggling. I made repeated representations to the UK and Irish Governments on the need for a multi-agency approach to frustrate and break up the crime channels that still exist and see millions lost from our economy every year. 

“The key thing we now need to see is results. There will be high expectations for the Joint Agency Task Force, particularly from communities living in border areas.  The public need to see that there is a determination to finally rid our society of paramilitaries and their crime rings.”

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