Nesbitt welcomes Delta Airlines order for Bombardier

News of a major order for the C Series aircraft produced by Bombardier has been welcomed by the Ulster Unionist Party leader Mike Nesbitt.

Mike Nesbitt said:

 “This will come as a major relief, not just to Bombardier employees, but also to anyone who fears for the future of manufacturing in Northern Ireland. The company is important in its own right. Its presence also makes a statement internationally about Northern Ireland and our economy. It is imperative we continue to host a global player like Bombardier.

“Now we need to press on with the challenge of improving the business environment to make Northern Ireland more attractive as a place to do business. In that regard, I commend my colleague Danny Kinahan MP for persuading the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at Westminster to instigate an inquiry into energy costs in Northern Ireland, because our high tariffs pose a serious threat to the future of our manufacturing sector.”

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