The electorate won`t be fooled by the dog whistle politics of the DUP – Jenny Palmer

Councillor Jenny Palmer, who is standing as an Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate in Lagan Valley, has stated that the latest election material from the DUP demonstrates that the party still comes first.

Mrs Palmer said:

“The latest election literature from the DUP shows that they are only paying lip service to unionist co-operation for their own electoral benefit. They now ridiculously claim that a vote for any unionist party other than themselves is a threat to the pro-Union vote. How typically arrogant from the DUP. From SPADs to their new leader, the message is the same – the party comes first. They may have a new leader, but it`s still the same old DUP.

“The electorate are not going to allow themselves to be fooled by the dog whistle politics of the DUP. This wouldn`t even be discussed if the DUP hadn’t dropped the ball at St Andrews. The best that the DUP can come up with at this election is a repeat of the tactics they used in 2011. The choice is clear on 5th May. Vote for change or more of the same. We are telling people to vote Ulster Unionist next Thursday. You deserve better.”

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