McGuinness needs to get real – Philip Smith MLA

Philip Smith MLA has said calls for a border poll are a distraction and that the Executive should focus on a post-Brexit plan.

The Strangford MLA said:

“Martin McGuinness needs to get real and stop chasing rainbows. There is not going to be a border poll. I didn`t hear him object when a UK wide referendum was called so he can`t now start complaining about it after the result. I didn`t like the outcome, but the people have spoken and the result is the result. It`s time for Martin McGuinness to move on. Calls for a border poll are an utter distraction.

“He and his Executive colleagues should be concentrating on producing a plan for farmers, community groups and local businesses who have been plunged into an era of uncertainty while the Executive prevaricates. The Northern Ireland Executive needs to produce a post-Brexit plan, not more posturing.”

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