Sellafield must provide answers to Panorama claims – McKee

South Down Ulster Unionist MLA Harold McKee has called on the Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing plant to respond to claims made by the BBC Panorama programme, in order to restore public confidence.

Mr McKee said:

“As someone who was born and bred in South Down, I am well aware of the relative proximity of Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant, which is sited literally just across the Irish Sea.

“Last night’s BBC Panorama programme raised a number of issues regarding safety at Sellafield, and like me, many viewers will have been concerned at the claims that were made.   

“It is obviously extremely important that facilities exist to deal with Nuclear waste, and it is vital that the public have complete confidence that this is carried out to the highest safety standards.

“Sellafield must respond urgently to the claims that were made on BBC, and as someone who was elected to represent the people of South Down, I will be seeking answers urgently, in a bid to find out exactly what the situation is.”

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