Ulster Unionists table Matter of the Day on ‘Miskelly Tapes’ in the Assembly

The Ulster Unionist Party has tabled the following Matter of the Day for Monday 12 September at the Northern Ireland Assembly regarding the latest allegations carried in the BBC`s Spotlight programme.

"Miskelly tapes" as reported on Spotlight – Mike Nesbitt MLA

Ulster Unionist Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA, said:

“The latest allegations carried in the BBC`s Spotlight programme do damage to Northern Ireland`s standing on the international stage. The Executive say Northern Ireland is open for business. Sadly, we are developing an international reputation as the place to do funny business and everyone suffers.

“It is essential that the Assembly takes some control of this situation.  That is why we have tabled a ‘Matter of the Day’ to make sure this is right at the top of the political agenda when the Assembly reconvenes on Monday.

“The First Minister urgently needs to make clear that the type of behaviour alleged to have taken place is wholly unacceptable and has no place in Northern Ireland. Following the UK`s Brexit decision, EU funding streams will begin to dry up and we will need to attract more Foreign Direct Investment than before to compensate. These allegations will make it more difficult to do that unless the Executive is seen to make clear statements to defend Northern Ireland`s international reputation.

The Leader of the Official Opposition concluded:

“The First Minister was DETI Minister for a long time and she should be clear what she knew, the nature of her relationship with Frank Cushnahan, if any, and whether Sammy Wilson MP retains her confidence.”

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