A Vision for Northern Ireland outside the EU DOWNLOAD [PDF]

The Ulster Unionist Party today published its vision for Northern Ireland in the post Brexit era. The document “A Vision for Northern Ireland outside the EU” outlines a Vision, the Plan to deliver that vision, and the ten key actions required to deliver success. 

Party Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA, said: 

“As a responsible Opposition at Stormont, we will do two things. We will scrutinise the thoughts and actions of the Northern Ireland Executive, but we will also give the people an alternative.  

“Sadly, there is precious little to scrutinise so far. Northern Ireland will be the most affected region of the UK by Brexit, but it is already clear we are the least prepared. 

“It was shocking that the Executive could not present a united front for the visit of Brexit Secretary of State, David Davis MP, on the 1st of September. A divided house has no leverage in negotiations. 

“So far, all our First Ministers have done is identify the threats, but they were as obvious before the Referendum as they are today. 

“The Ulster Unionist Party goes much further today, with a vision to maximise the opportunities. The days of ‘Brexiteers’ and ‘Remainers’ are over. We are all facing an era of uncertainty and the duty of responsible politicians is to add clarity, hope and vision. 

“Our vision is of Northern Ireland as the UK’s gateway to the EU. We will be the only region of the Kingdom with a land border with the European Union, and rather than look at the border as a problem, we should maximise the potential. 

“Over the coming years, the Government will be engaged in a whole series of negotiations and it is imperative that the Northern Ireland Executive speaks loudly, clearly and coherently about what needs to be done. 

“That is why we propose a ‘War Room’ properly resourced to coordinate Executive departments, defining policy options, priorities and what leverage we can bring to bear in discussions with HM Government. 

“Be in no doubt, HM Government’s priorities will not be ours. Look no further than welfare reform to see the divide in thinking. 

“The Ulster Unionist Party has identified ten key priorities for the Northern Ireland Executive. These are based on our desire to take actions than ensure no one is worse off after we leave the EU, coupled with long-term, strategic actions that are designed to strengthen our economy and consequently, increase the prosperity and wellbeing of all our people.”

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