UK Government must ensure ‘fairness’ for Enniskillen victims – Elliott

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott has said that it is a matter of ‘fairness’ that families of the Enniskillen bomb victims are provided with appropriate compensation from the Libyan Government.

The Fermanagh & South Tyrone MP was speaking at a Westminster Hall debate, where a motion was tabled calling for compensation for victims of Libyan sponsored IRA terrorism.

Mr. Elliott, along with Lord Empey and some Enniskillen Bomb victims also met with Andrew Rosindell MP, and with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Kris Hopkins to discuss their campaign to secure compensation for the victims of Libyan-supplied semtex to the IRA.  Ulster Unionists are also leading a delegation of cross-party MPs to discuss the progress of Lord Empey’s Asset Freezing (Compensation) Bill with Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Treasury officials.

The Bill seeks to use frozen Libyan assets to fund much needed compensation for victims of Libyan sponsored terrorism.

Tom Elliott MP said:

“The victims’ families and survivors of the Enniskillen bomb have faced frustration at every turn.  To this day no-one has been held to account for the heinous crime, which killed eleven people and injured dozens more. The Historical Enquiries Team report into the atrocity was meant to be published four years ago, but has never seen the light of day.

“It has long been my view that there have been senior figures in the Northern Ireland Executive, including the deputy First Minister, who could help the families of victims of terrorism in their search for truth and justice, but they choose not to.

“Fundamentally this is a matter of fairness, and for the families of Enniskillen and other atrocities carried out by the IRA there has been no such equal treatment, with other victims receiving millions in Libyan compensation, while the needs of those in the UK remain unaddressed.

“The battle for appropriate compensation from the Libyan Government, to recognise the role their state played in IRA terrorism, is yet another obstacle in the way, which causes immense frustration for the families.

“Today, I pleaded with the Minister from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to do more for his fellow UK citizens who have suffered from Libyan sponsored terrorism, which could include the families of Enniskillen bomb.

“They have suffered long enough and they deserve immediate redress of their grievances.”

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