Nesbitt reveals that Martin McGuinness used Royal Prerogative on three occasions

Ulster Unionist Party Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA has revealed that the Royal Prerogative has been used on three occasions by Martin McGuinness since May 2007. 

Mike Nesbitt MLA said:

“In addition to the use of the Royal Prerogative to appoint the new Executive Press Secretary, the power has been exercised by the First and deputy First Ministers on two further occasions since May 2007.

“We have the bizarre situation where Martin McGuinness, someone who would style himself as a ‘principled Republican’, has now exercised the powers of a Monarch on three occasions.  One would have to question what other ‘principled Republicans’, like Bobby Sands and the other hunger strikers, who spent so long at Her Majesty’s pleasure, would make of it all.”



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