Adams legal challenge to BBC will provide an opportunity to find out the truth – Beattie

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Justice Spokesperson, Doug Beattie MC MLA, has urged the BBC to pass its evidence of Gerry Adams alleged involvement in the murder of Denis Donaldson to the PSNI and allow them to investigate the case.

Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“If Gerry Adams does indeed seek to sue the BBC for libel, it will provide an opportunity for the claims made in the BBC Spotlight programme to be held up to public scrutiny.

“The BBC should now produce the evidence to the PSNI and allow them to investigate the case which needs to be subjected to transparent legal scrutiny. If ever a case could be said to be in the public interest, it surely is this one.

“Certain politicians and political parties in Northern Ireland are very good at talking about legal action but rarely follow through.

“I am therefore keen to hear from the BBC if they have received anything from Gerry Adams’ lawyers and also to know if the PSNI are investigating the allegations made by Spotlight.

“One aspect of any legal action will doubtless highlight the 1987 footage of Gerry Adams talking about the murder of Charlie McIlmurray, where he said that “Mr McIlmurray, like anyone else living in West Belfast, knows that the consequence for informing is death.”

“It will be interesting to hear just who or what gave Gerry Adams the authority to make such a statement. Many people in Northern Ireland and further afield will look forward to seeing Gerry Adams in a witness box. If character evidence is permitted, it could be a very interesting case indeed.”

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