Hussey disgusted by terrorist pin badge

Ross Hussey Ulster Unionist MLA for West Tyrone and Policing Board member has expressed his disgust at a badge being sold through the online retailer ebay which depicts a PSNI officer with crosshairs aimed at his back.

 Ross Hussey said:

 “It is disgusting that someone thinks it is in any way appropriate to design and try to sell such an item through ebay, which is described as an ‘Irish Republican pin badge IRA/INLA’. Given the numbers of police who in real life were shot in the back by republican terrorists over the years in Northern Ireland, the badge amounts to an incitement to kill.

 “I have reported this to ebay and have also contacted the Glasgow police, where the seller claims to come from.  I am hopeful this will be taken further by Police Scotland because I believe that whoever is behind this may have committed several offences associated with hate crime and the promotion of terrorism.”

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