Arlene Foster should show moral courage and stand down

  • Arlene Foster should do what`s right for Northern Ireland
  • Gerry Adams is in no position to lecture others
  • Foster shouldn`t let Adams set the agenda

Doug Beattie MC MLA, said:

“The scale of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme debacle is staggering. When added to the NAMA scandal, the Social Investment Fund (SIF) and the Red Sky controversy it is clear that this is a scandal prone Executive. First Minister Foster has been at the heart of the RHI debacle. Her fingerprints are all over this inept, autocratic style of government.  The DUP, in putting their party and party personalities before country, have handed Sinn Fein in the form of ‘Saint’ Gerry Adams the moral high ground, which most people in Northern Ireland find hard to stomach.

“I believe Arlene Foster MLA, should show the moral courage society expects in their politicians and stand down as First Minister. It is a clear request, a fair ask and something which I believe is in the best interests of Northern Ireland at this difficult time. Mrs Foster should stand aside and let one of her colleagues take the reins.

“Last week Gerry Adams, of all people, asked Arlene Foster to step aside. The same Gerry Adams who has information that could help in the Brian Stack murder inquiry, who has been mentioned in investigations into the murders of Denis Donaldson and Jean McConville and who withheld information about his brother Liam Adams sexually abusing his daughter. The thought of anyone allowing this man to claim the moral high ground, however audacious of him, makes me sick. He is a busted flush, his hypocrisy knows no bounds and until he deals with his own issues he shouldn’t be interfering in others.

“What I would say to Gerry Adams is he should not only stand down as Sinn Fein leader, but should stand down as a TD and take himself to the nearest police station and tell them all he knows in regards to the aforementioned criminal cases.

“If Mrs Foster stands down it will restore credibility in the Stormont institutions. I would appeal to her to show moral courage and do not let the likes of Gerry Adams set the agenda. If she does not she will bring Stormont into even further disrepute and undermine any trust the electorate have in politicians.

“I did not become an MLA to silently watch government abuse society. I became an MLA to try and show the highest standards of integrity, courage and respect and I will not allow good politicians to be tainted by weak ones with no integrity.”

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