We will fight Northern Ireland’s corner on Brexit

·         Absence of an Executive concerning

·         Government recognise Northern Ireland’s unique needs

·         We will lobby the Government at every stage of negotiations

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott has urged the UK Government to continue to engage with Northern Ireland political parties in the absence of a Northern Ireland Executive.

Mr Elliott was speaking after he questioned the Under Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Robin Walker MP in the House of Commons.

The Fermanagh & South Tyrone MP said:

“The absence of a Northern Ireland Executive as the UK is about to embark on formal negotiations with the EU, is a matter of serious concern.

“In the House of Commons today I called on the Brexit Minister Robin Walker MP to ensure that, despite this, there is continued engagement with Northern Ireland.

“In response, the Minister recognised the unique needs of Northern Ireland, including issues around the border and the Common Travel Area and committed to working with all parties as we move forward.

“My Party colleagues and I have met with officials, in the Northern Ireland Office and the Department for Exiting the EU on numerous occasions since the referendum, to ensure that Northern Ireland’s interests are embedded within the UK position.

“While Sinn Fein have shouted from the sidelines, we have used our influence in Parliament to fight Northern Ireland’s corner.

“We will continue to lobby the Government at every stage of Brexit negotiations to ensure our farmers, businesses, universities and our community & voluntary sector achieve the best possible outcome from Brexit.”


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