Chambers condemns Bangor shooting

North Down Ulster Unionist MLA Alan Chambers has condemned the shooting incident which took place at a Bangor supermarket on Sunday afternoon.    

Alan Chambers said:

"I totally condemn those responsible for ruthlessly gunning down a man in Bangor this afternoon.

“I arrived at the scene shortly after it happened, and it was clear to me that we could easily have been dealing with a lot more casualties due to the nature of the attack in which the victim was hit a number of times.

"To carry out a shooting in broad daylight in a busy supermarket car park, which is filled with families with young children, was the height of recklessness.

“I am absolutely disgusted that an attack like this should take place in Bangor. There should be no place in society for such actions and they should be unequivocally condemned. Those who seek to use violence must be cleared off our streets, brought before the courts and put behind bars. To do that, the police need help from the public. There must be no hiding place.”

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