Elliott calls on Varadkar to release Troubles files

Former Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott has called on Leo Varadkar to expedite the process of releasing files held by the Republic’s Directorate of Military Intelligence which could shed light on many terrorist actions – including murders - carried out during the Troubles.

Tom Elliott said:

“It is fair to say that the Government of the Republic of Ireland has been less than forthcoming when it comes to releasing the files its holds relating to the Troubles. This is one of the issues which the Ulster Unionist Party looks forward to raising with Leo Varadkar when we meet him in the not too distant future. 

“For some time now we have been seeking a response to our request for information held by the Irish Directorate of Military Intelligence on terrorist atrocities such as Kingsmill to be made available to the appropriate authorities here.

 “Given the amount of IRA attacks launched from the Republic, the arms dumps located there and the successful way the Republic was used by terrorist fugitives fleeing justice in Northern Ireland, we are in no doubt that files held in the Republic could shed light on many of the murders and incidents which took place in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

“We as a party have talked directly to the previous Taoiseach and both Ministers of Foreign Affairs about this issue since the start of the Talks process. We have had no response whatsoever.    

“It is time for the Republic’s Government to stop being evasive and to prove by deeds not words, that it is prepared to tell what it knows.”

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