Sinn Fein does not want Northern Ireland to work - Allen

Ulster Unionist Party Communities Spokesperson, Andy Allen MLA, has warned that Sinn Fein are threatening the delivery of key public services by pursuing their own warped political ideologies.

The East Belfast MLA said:

“It is clear that Sinn Fein does not want Northern Ireland to work - this is evident by their willingness to stand idly by and only advance their own political agenda whilst everyone in Northern Ireland is punished.

“Every day we are reminded of examples of why we require a functioning Executive. We have witnessed the loss of the Commonwealth Youth Games, spiralling hospital waiting times, the impact of the transition from DLA to PIP, Universal Credit and wider welfare reform, the lack of affordable and social housing, sub-regional stadia funding languishing unspent - the list goes on.

“I, therefore, say to Sinn Fein; if you truly mean what you say about standing up for the vulnerable, and promoting equality and rights for all, then move to establish a functioning Executive now. Anything less is not only a dereliction of duty but a clear signal that you are more focused on destroying Northern Ireland than delivering for the people that call it home.

“If Sinn Fein continue in their refusal to restore devolution the Secretary of State can no longer shirk her responsibility - she must move to look at alternative routes to devolution, with or without Sinn Fein, or else appoint Ministers who can take the important decisions that Northern Ireland so urgently requires.”


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