Antrim arson attack condemned

Antrim Ulster Unionist Councillors Drew Ritchie and Jim Montgomery have condemned an early morning arson attack on a house in Islay Street in Antrim.

Councillor Drew Ritchie said:

“I understand there may have been up to 10 people, including children, in the house at the time of the attack. This irresponsible attack could have easily resulted in mass loss of life or injury. Thankfully nobody was hurt on this occasion but clearly those who committed this disgraceful act were not concerned in the slightest what damage they caused."

Councillor Jim Montgomery added:

“This attack was designed to kill and must be entirely condemned. Not only did it risk the lives of those in the house but also of those people living nearby if the fire had spread. It is our understanding there is a domestic reason behind the attack as part of some ongoing feud. These types of attacks are not welcome in the area. Disputes cannot be sorted through such irresponsible and dangerous actions and there must not be a repetition of such dangerous actions. The local community want to get on with their lives peacefully and those who want to undertake such actions show total disregard for others around them. They are not welcome in the community because of their disregard for life and others.”

The Ulster Unionist Councillors have appealed to anyone who may have seen anything, or knows anything about this incident, to pass the information onto the PSNI or Crimestoppers so that further arson attacks are not repeated.

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