Taylor condemns latest attack on Kingsmills Memorial

Ulster Unionist Councillor David Taylor has strongly condemned a sickening attack on the Kingsmills Memorial which resulted in the desecration of flowers that had been laid at the site, and an Irish Tricolour being placed on the memorial.

Councillor Taylor said:

“I am truly appalled by this sickening attack on the Kingsmills Memorial.  The Kingsmills families have suffered enough anguish and pain over the last 42 years and it is clear that the perpetrators of this heinous crime have sought to further compound their heartache by carrying out such an action.

“It is truly horrifying that an incident so sinister in nature has taken place at the Kingsmills Memorial.  Unfortunately, however, this is not the first time that an attack has taken place at the site.

“My thoughts first and foremost are with the Kingsmills families who are understandably very distressed at this attack on the memorial. They should not have to contend with such despicable behaviour from those with a very obviously cruel and sectarian mind-set.

“I would appeal to anyone with information to report it to the Police. There is no possible defence or justification for this. The individuals who perpetrated this shocking crime must be brought to justice.”


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