Lewis calls for removal of Republican sign at Narrow Water

Victims campaigner and South Down Ulster Unionist Alan Lewis has said he was disgusted to see Sinn Fein had fixed a hunger striker commemoration sign to the fence of a public greenway at Narrow Water, Co Down.

The location is in very close proximity to the scene of a massacre on 27th August 1979 when the Provisional IRA ambushed members of the Parachute Regiment and Queen`s Own Highlanders in two roadside bomb attacks.

Mr Lewis said:

“It’s beyond sickening that Sinn Fein have fixed this type of sign at this location. It almost seems as if they are gloating and engaging in the lowest form of coat trailing. Have republicans no shame or compassion? There are elements within the republican movement that seem to glorify their murderous campaign. I believe they have sunk to a new all-time low.

“What type of message do these signs send out? How will tourists view our district if at every turn they are greeted by republican terrorist propaganda. This type of grotesque triumphalism belongs in the past. There is no justification for stoking community tensions while insulting the memory of those brave men who were brutally murdered at Narrow Water.

“I have raised my concerns with local police and I’m calling on organisers to show some respect, demonstrate some dignity and remove their terror-fest signage.”

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