Removal of bi-annual clock changes reckless - Nicholson

Ulster Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson has described the European Parliament’s ill-considered decision to remove the bi-annual clock changes, as reckless.

Speaking after the European Parliament in Strasbourg backed legislation to end daylight saving time, Mr Nicholson said:

“With all the other problems facing the European Union at the moment - not least Brexit - it is absurd that the EU wastes its time fiddling around with the clocks.

“The reality is that the removal of bi-annual clock changes will lead to many unintended consequences. It is now conceivable that a post-Brexit UK will end up in a different time zone to the Republic of Ireland. Newry and Dundalk would be in different time zones, so would Keady and Castleblaney and also Belcoo and Blacklion! The whole idea is completely ludicrous; it just does not make sense.

“I fear this will not be a situation unique to the British Isles. Illogical time zones will appear all across Europe, disrupting both business and the public.

“The Parliament’s decision is not only reckless, but also extremely concerning. It really is a farcical situation.”

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