Taylor condemns attack on church in Newry

Ulster Unionist Councillor David Taylor has expressed his disgust at an attack on First Presbyterian Church (Non Subscribing) Newry, which has resulted in damage being caused to a stained glass window.

Councillor Taylor said:

“The attack on First Presbyterian Church (Non Subscribing) Newry which has resulted in a stained glass window at the church building being damaged, is a despicable and evil act.

“It is difficult to comprehend the mindset of someone who would desecrate any place of worship and there is understandable outrage within the local community that this incident has occurred.

“It is all the more significant given that this window was only repaired a matter of weeks ago following damage caused to it in a previous incident which occurred last year.

“This will no doubt cause great hurt to the congregation and it is extremely regrettable that they will have to incur further cost to repair the damage which has been caused to their church building.

“It is vital that the perpetrators of this sickening act are brought to justice and as such, I would appeal to anyone with information on the attack to report it to the Police immediately.”

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