Ards & North Down Council backs Ulster Unionist motion opposing Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal

Ulster Unionist Councillor Philip Smith has welcomed Ards & North Down Council’s endorsement of a motion to write to the Secretary of State outlining its opposition to Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal due to its negative impact on both Ards & North Down and Northern Ireland.    

Councillor Philip Smith said:

“Last night (Wednesday), Ards & North Down Council backed an Ulster Unionist amended motion which proposed that the Council writes to the Secretary of State detailing its opposition to the Government’s proposed Brexit Deal.

“The deal put forward by Boris Johnson will increase costs for both businesses and consumers within our Borough with the creation of a border down the Irish Sea. This Boris Deal will also endanger Northern Ireland’s status as an integral part of the United Kingdom and we totally oppose any diminution of our place as an equal partner in the Union without our consent, which is contrary to the Belfast Agreement.

“All unionist councillors in the chamber supported the Ulster Unionist motion and it passed by 25 votes to 13. It was opposed by the Alliance, Greens and SDLP, all of whom presumably have no issues with Northern Ireland being treated as a place apart, in which goods moving from GB to Northern Ireland will be subject to import declarations and increased administrative costs to local business.

“When even Jeremy Corbyn can see that ‘this deal clearly does damage the fabric of the Union’ then it is time for all of us who genuinely value the Union, and our place within it, to stand up and make our voices heard. Boris Johnson’s deal is bad for Ards & North Down, it is bad for Northern Ireland, and it must be stopped.”

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