Northern Ireland needs MPs who will not be patsies to a Tory government – Aiken

Steve Aiken OBE MLA has stated that Northern Ireland needs to elect Ulster Unionist MPs who will stand against Boris Johnson`s plans that will destroy the Union.

Mr Aiken said:

“This is the most important election the people of the United Kingdom have ever faced. Boris Johnson`s deal with the EU is an existential threat to the Union. It puts a border in the Irish Sea and places Northern Ireland on the window ledge of the Union.

“This election will be an opportunity to send Ulster Unionist MPs to Westminster who will not be patsies to a Tory government or ever agree to a border down the Irish Sea. Northern Ireland has been betrayed by Boris Johnson`s Conservative Government and we need to send a clear message to him and his advisers that we will not sit back and let him destroy the Union.

“Anyone who casts a vote for Sinn Fein is wasting an opportunity to have their voice heard in Westminster. More than ever Northern Ireland needs MPs who will attend the House of Commons and exercise the democratic mandate. Northern Ireland needs MPs who are focused on improving the lives of their constituents and strengthening the Union rather than filling their boots, taking holidays in foreign countries and then lobbying on their behalf. That`s why I`ll be urging people to vote Ulster Unionist.”

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