Beattie welcomes 22 year term for terrorist murderer

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Justice Spokesperson, Doug Beattie MC MLA, has welcomed the 22 year sentence handed down to Christopher Robinson for the murder of Prison Officer Adrian Ismay in Belfast in 2016.  

Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“The 22 year sentence handed down to Christopher Robinson at Belfast Crown Court today will be welcomed by all those who support law and order and believe in the concepts of punishment and deterrence.

“I fully recognise that there is no sentence that can bring Adrian Ismay back to his family or lessen their grief. All the court can do is hand down a sentence that reflects society’s anger and contempt for the type of person who believes they have the right to use violence and commit murder.       

“Robinson chose to involve himself in terrorism and he chose to play a key role in the murder of a prison officer, Adrian Ismay. 22 years will be regarded by many as a lenient punishment, but it is at least an improvement on some sentences that we have seen handed out previously in terrorist cases in Northern Ireland.  

“Those who believe they have the right to use violence for political ends are fascists.  Whether they threaten police officers, prison officers, soldiers, politicians, journalists or civilians, they are hewn from the same rock. The vast majority of people want to live in communities that are free from violence and the threat of violence. Those like Robinson who are wedded to violence need to learn that they and their activities will not be tolerated; that they will be hunted down and caught, and when they are caught they will be punished.

“Robinson now has 22 years in prison to reflect on his wasted life. I sincerely hope that the PSNI are able to ensure that his co-conspirators join him shortly.”

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