Don’t bring Covid-19 home for 2021

As the New Year approaches, Health Minister Robin Swann issues a warning to everyone to keep to restrictions.  

This comes as a significant rise in positive cases is seen, particularly in those aged 20-39. 

The Minister said: “We are now familiar with the additional restrictions which came into effect on Boxing Day.  Whilst it is challenging, the new restrictions are essential if we are to drive down the positive cases in Northern Ireland.

“We continue to see large numbers of positive cases and deaths on a daily basis and we need a collective effort if we are to turn the tide against this virus.  It is well known that Covid-19 poses a significant threat to our elderly population but it can affect anyone and can be transmitted by everyone.” 

On 29 November 20-39 year olds accounted for 27.5% of positive cases.  Today that figure is 41.5%.

The Minister said: “The rise in this age group may be linked to behaviour and although young adults may think they are immune to Covid-19, their relatives and loved ones are not.  We must all redouble our efforts to push down infection rates. That does not mean some people must make sacrifices and restrict their lives while others do not. 

“We can all do this by reducing our contacts and staying at home. If you do have to go out, wear a face covering and wash your hands regularly.  Do not be that person who brings Covid-19 home in 2021.  Our health service is going to be under severe pressure over the next few weeks, please do not add further to that.”

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