UUP delegation meets with Chief Constable

Following a meeting with the PSNI Chief Constable, Simon Byrne, UUP Leader Doug Beattie MC MLA said: 

“This afternoon I and UUP Policing Board member, Mike Nesbitt MLA, met with the Chief Constable and his team.  It was an honest and robust meeting which centred around issues relating to the Bobby Storey funeral. 

“There is a need to build confidence.  There are still perceptions that exist and there are still gaps in knowledge as to what happened that have not yet been filled by either of the investigations that have taken place.  

“There is an opportunity for the Justice Minister to step in here and instigate a short, sharp inquiry to attempt to fill those gaps in knowledge and end the drip-feed of information which will only serve to continue to undermine confidence if it continues. 

“We made it clear to the Chief Constable that he needs to rebuild confidence with all communities to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

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