Elliott welcomes Dungannon pipe bomb seizure

Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott has praised Police for their actions in seizing seven pipe bombs in Dungannon on Monday evening.     

Mr Elliott, who is the Ulster Unionist Justice spokesperson and who represents Fermanagh & South Tyrone, said;

"I would like to congratulate the Police for their actions in the Mineveigh Road area of Dungannon on Monday evening, when they found seven pipe bombs in a car.   

It is vitally important that the Police continue to maintain a high level of vigilance to meet the threat posed by those in our society who still believe that violence has a role to play.

People have had enough of the days when men of violence sought to terrorise communities and impose their will by force or the threat of force.    

All right-thinking people will be delighted and relieved that seven explosive devices have been removed from the hands of those who were clearly intent on causing death or injury to others.

This seizure is a reminder of the very real threat which this community still faces and the dangerous job we require our security forces to do on our behalf.

It is essential that everyone unites behind the Police and gives them every support possible so that they can ensure the safety of the entire community and thwart the threat of criminal violence from whatever quarter it comes.”

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